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Roasted banana in rum, coffee caramel, cream and crushed chocolate and speculoos served with lemon sorbet 8€ 

Granola cookie with maple syrup, blueberry mousse and crushed macadamia nuts served with fresh figs and cream cheese sorbet 9€

Like a mango and raspberry club sandwich made with Matcha tea sponge cake and lime crumble 10€ 

French “religieuse” pastry with combava and plum cream served with pear sorbet 11€ 

Chocolate tart with coffee custard 12€ 

French seasonal cheese platter with nuts and grapes 12€

Chef Jérémy Combes

Succeeding Nicolas Mahieu, our new chef Jérémy Combes is now at the head of the Bistro'Baya kitchens. Proud of his traditions and culture, our new Chef has brought his style and generosity to the new menus that you can come and taste now.

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“The Baya is a hotel where the teams feel good. First of all thanks to its geolocation, facing the ocean, there is no better, but also in the atmosphere that emanates from this place. There is personalization and a sensitive approach to the customer while paying attention to small details. The Bistro Baya as well as the Bar are for me places of conviviality, sharing as well as many delicacies. »

Quote from Laurent JAGOT
Restaurant Manager